Movie Church

Watching films is a major part of the life of many people – not just the “Big Screen” experience of going to the cinema, but the night-by-night viewing of films on tv or DVD, the down-loading of films to PCs, smartphones and portable media players, and the daytime re-runs of old black and white Hollywood classics.

Although some films are completely fanciful, many deal with real life issues, reflecting the way things are in life, or the way things might be and how different people approach those issues. Even films with other-worldly storylines explore themes which are very relevant in our world. Films can therefore affect the way we approach life, and can affect the way we think other people approach life.

“Movie Church” provides an opportunity to view a recently produced film and spend a bit of time exploring the themes and issues and asking what impact it has on us, how it might affect our way of thinking and living.

Every film producer and film director has a reason for producing a film and is wanting to influence the viewer in some way. We want to give people the opportunity to explore this. We want to help people ask the questions: What story is this director trying to tell? In what way is he or she trying to influence me? Do I want to be influenced in that way? Does God have something to say on this matter?

“Movie Church” is usually on the first Sunday of each month. Take a look at the Church Diary to check when the next one will be.

Everyone is welcome, although age restrictions may apply for certain films.

(Due to the conditions in our license we are not able to advertise the title beyond our own membership.)


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