Why Do We Believe the Bible

As people sometimes ask us this question, we ought to be able to answer them.

Here are a few reasons.

1. Because it is so widespread a book.

Jews accept the Old Testament as their national history. It would be very strange if it were all invented and untrue. Christians share this belief. We go further in also accepting the New Testament. The Church exists in nearly all countries of the world and has done so for nearly two thousand years. Is it reasonable to maintain that our beliefs are based on fabrications? The Bible is the most translated book in the world. Would so many scholars have devoted their lives to this work if they believed that it was nonsense?

2. Because it is a trustworthy book.

The Bible has been subject to hostile criticism more than any other book in the world but nobody has yet showed convincingly that it is historically inaccurate. While archaeology cannot prove the truth of Scripture, many discoveries have shed light on its background.

3. Because it is an influential book.

No other book has influenced human life as much as the Bible has. Bible Societies, the Gideons and other Bible organisations tell innumerable stories of how people�s lives have been changed for the better by reading and believing it. Its teachings have become the general basis of many countries� laws. Could a book full of falsehoods have achieved such results?

4. Because it deals with the ultimate problems of human life.

Throughout its pages, it talks about the basic issues of life, such as pain and suffering, sin and forgiveness, disease, war and death, as well as the more joyful aspects of life. People identify with its words. It gives us purpose and tells us that our existence is not vain and meaningless. All human life is there.

5. Because it offers us salvation.

The human predicament is such that even the best teaching and moral guidance cannot deliver us. We need help from outside. This is just what the Bible teaches. God has sent a Deliverer, Jesus Christ. By His death on the Cross, He atoned for our sins. God raised Him from the dead and thus vindicated Him. He is God�s final word to us and because He is alive for evermore, we can trust Him and His words. Our experience backs up our faith.


These are some reasons why we can trust the Bible. There are others. Although parts of Scripture are hard to understand, God has promised to give light to honest enquirers. We can offer them a Gospel and encourage them to read it, secure in the belief that God will reveal Himself to them in its pages.


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